Friday Link.

I really don’t get Casual Friday. On Friday I’m usually headed out after my class is finished, so I want to be able to make my school outfit work for an evening out. It should be Casual Monday, because that’s the day you really need to be cut some slack on your wardrobe. None of this really applies in Sweden of course, where everyone except maybe lawyers and financiers wear business or business casual to work. Jeans are the wardrobe du jour here. Even magazines come out with a special “Jeans Issue” every year. I don’t get it, but I think my tenure at Catholic school prepped me for a love of uniforms and suits. Those of you who have known me since I served time in halls of parochial school will undoubtably be surprised at this. Or maybe you won’t.

This week I’ve spent most of my Internet time delving deep into university cooperative extension service websites across the US in search of free information about fibers and woven textiles. In case you’ve never heard of them, cooperative extension services are informal educational programs designed to provide research-based knowledge “to improve lives” (thanks, Wikipedia!). Extension services are affiliated with land-grant universities (the one with the agricultural program, you can read about land-grant universities here) and are most often affiliated with agricultural pursuits and everyone’s favorite youth club, 4-H.

If you’re sewing or trying to learn to sew or just need some help or information, I found the Utah extension service website to be particularly helpful.

Other than that, I spent lots of boring internet time reading emails. But I will leave you with this awesome shred of the Beach Boys.

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