Just DIY It: Gin Edition Part 1

It’s no secret that I love gin. Or if it was a secret, it isn’t any longer because I just told you I love it. Luuuuurve it. I want to marry it.

So I decided to make my own.

Don’t worry–I didn’t go to all the trouble to buy a home distillery and blow up my apartment building. Home brewing of various alcohols is extremely popular here in Sweden, as you can see by this photo of the DIY alcohol section at the supermarket. It’s also semi-illegal, I’m not quite sure exactly what the law says but I know that the home distillery would definitely be crossing the line.


I opted instead to go look on the internet on how to make this stuff by sourcing my own herbs. Fortunately, a lot of people make their own gin at home. And juniper berries are as easy to find in Sweden as going down to the corner store. So I bought a bunch of crap and went to town.


I used Polish vodka because I’m rather partial to the stuff. I have no idea whether the flavor will affect the finished product. This guy uses a Brita filter to make his gin which is supposed to help get a really clear flavor, but I don’t feel like going to all that trouble my first time out. I decided to go really easy on the cardemum in favor of loading up on the coriander. I thought it would really complement the lemon zest (not pictured). Apparently I need to let it sit for a week to let the flavors meld together. In the meanwhile, this BBC article is an interesting introduction to the science of alcohol. In two weeks I will post my results along with a few of my favorite recipes.

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